Individual Counselling: 50 minute sessions $190

          (Medicare rebate of $84.80 if referred under a Mental Health Treatment Plan)



Couples Counselling: 50 minute session $190

                                       70 minute session $260

          (Private Health Insurance rebates available from most funds: please check with your insurer)


Lauren works with clients on a broad range of life experiences and mental health issues. She currently has a particular interest in the following areas:


Men’s Mental Health

For over a decade, Lauren has had a strong interest in the ways Australian men are socialised and how traditional concepts of masculinity can contribute to mental health issues. This interest has led her to specialise in men’s mental health. Lauren’s frank and down to earth approach is an asset in this regard and she has treated many men who were initially very resistant to attending counselling.


Perinatal Mental Health

Throughout her career, Lauren has worked with clients who were experiencing mental health issues related to, or triggered by, pregnancy and the post natal period. Since having her own children, she has developed a particular interest in this area. Lauren takes a whole of life approach: addressing not just the mental health symptoms, but also examining the changes in identity associated with parenthood, feelings of isolation, and the increased stress on family and couple relationships.


Work Related Issues

For the past eight years, Lauren has been a corporate consultant alongside her counselling work. She has worked in city and remote locations across Australia, and overseas, facilitating leadership programs and providing coaching. She continues to balance both a therapeutic and corporate client load and is well placed to work with clients on issues such as workplace conflict, bullying and burnout.


Marriage and Relationship Counselling (Couples Therapy)

Lauren offers 50 or 70 minute appointments for couples. She has found the longer sessions to be beneficial for couples in heightened conflict as it allows more to be achieved in the first session. Lauren’s approach when working with couples is warm and direct. She works with couples to highlight the unhelpful aspects of their relationship dynamic and develop strategies to change these. Homework is a core part of her couples work.